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  • Hello everyone, just thought I'd introduce myself and say hello. My mother is Marshallese, and my father met her while in the Peace Corps during the 70s. I've been doing research about visiting the Marshalls, and I've found some interesting info and links through this site. I'm thinking of visiting soon (haven't been to the Marshalls since '83 when I was a kid) and perhaps coming to teach. Besides what my parents have told me in addition to my own research, any other insights/information/links pertaining to life, culture, places to go, etc., would be greatly appreciated.

  • James, I commend you for wanting to visit and teach in RMI. There is a huge need for teachers, at all levels, especially in the elementary school level. There is also a growing need for vocational skills trainers.

    Your mother is Marshallese, and therefore you are Marshallese. You have land rights here, meaning that you have roots here.

    There are so many websites now that you can surf. The links here at will lead you to more links and thus more information. Check out what is available on this website because a lot have been discussed and referenced.

    Good luck and think seriously about living and working in the islands.
  • Welcome to the forum ladrik niejo. Bar juon niejo ajiri, jatin Jemes, etan Laura (named after Laura Village). Iakwe er.
  • Thanks to Laura Bacall your younger child is named Laura. LaDougWest, you are more than doubly blessed. Laura gets to pass on the land rights! She also must visit and eventually work(?) in RMI. Jeramman!
  • Hello and welcome to the forum.

    I would suggest visiting this website for information on Marshallese culture, history, you name it:

    Have fun and tell me what you think.
  • Yokwe to you James

    Welcome and hope you find all that you need in here. Wish you luck on everything.
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